On 1 July 2024 Acacia Energy merged with AEES Group.

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Using the best innovative technology


Creating renewable energy revenue streams


Transitioning Australia to Renewable Energy

We optimise the value of renewable energy solutions and create new revenue streams

Acacia Energy’s services enable optimisation across grid energy, solar energy, on-site generation and storage that takes into account wholesale market price, FCAS services revenue and network demand charges. By integrating your onsite assets, such as controllable load, solar generation and battery storage with our OBE Platform, we optimise the cost of powering your operations and create new revenue streams from the National Energy Market (NEM) on your behalf.

The Acacia Energy Approach

  • Our customers regularly see a 65% reduction in their energy costs
  • Our highly consultative approach is tailored to your specific business objectives, solving problems and creating solutions.
  • We provide educated expertise to industry bodies to support their sectors greatest energy challenges
  • We help action your businesses sustainability plan