Noumi Ltd

Securing Operations and Reducing Costs
The Challenge
The Solution
The Impact

The Challenge

Noumi’s production operations are highly sensitive to fluctuations in the quality of power from the network.  Small and very short duration (sun one second) disturbances in voltage can disrupt critical processes resulting in high-cost wastage and lost production.  Noumi was seeking a solution to isolate its critical production operations from these supply fluctuations.  The challenge was compounded by the fact that the low voltage electrical system was at capacity, so any solution needed to operate on the high voltage supply.

Noumi was also looking to surpass the requirements set out in their internal sustainability plan to reduce the environmental impact associated with their business activities.

The Solution

Acacia Energy, with expert support from our Engineering Procurement and Construction partner AEES Group, completed a detailed analysis of Noumi’s situation and developed a bespoke solution comprising:

  • 2MWh of Tesla battery storage
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • 8MW of Solar PV

The Tesla Battery Storage system and Voltage Optimisation equipment work together to protect Noumi’s critical production operations from supply fluctuations.  This complex high voltage installation sits behind the meter but in front of the customers transformer, identifying and remediating power fluctuations before they enter the low voltage system.

Acacia Energy’s analysis also identified that a 3.8MW solar system was ideally suited to Noumi’s facility.  This solar system provides charge for the Tesla Battery Storage as well as displacing expensive grid sourced energy, delivering significant operating cost reductions.  The solar system also provides a substantial contribution to Noumi’s CO2 reduction targets.

At the time of installation, 3.8MW of Solar PV was the largest behind the meter rooftop Solar PV installation in the country.

The Impact

Acacia Energy’s renewable energy solution for Noumi delivered a threefold impact in the first year:

  1. The combination of the Tesla Battery and Voltage Optimisation equipment protected critical operations from the impact of supply quality disturbances on five occasions, substantially improving the operational efficiency of the plant,
  2. The 3.8MW rooftop solar PV offset 5,589 tonnes of C02 emissions, and
  3. Noumi’s electricity costs were reduced by $1.5M.