The Acacia Energy Approach

Why Acacia Energy

Our customers regularly see a 65% reduction in their energy costs

Our highly consultative approach is tailored to your specific business objectives, solving problems and creating solutions.

We provide educated expertise to industry bodies to support their sectors greatest energy challenges

We help action your businesses sustainability plan

The Acacia Energy Approach

Step One: Audit & Analysis

We first conduct a highly consultative detailed review to identify:

• Unique business energy needs

• Any specific energy problems your business is facing

• Business processes that could be improved by renewable energy

Step Two: Renewable Energy Solution Design

From our analysis we determine which combination of Solar PV, storage batteries; and bio-fuel generators, combined with any already existing assets, will best solve your business needs.

Finding a tailored renewable energy solution includes:

• Detailed modelling to predict your energy consumption

• Commercial modelling to identify the optimal return on investment for your business

• Understanding any relevant unique business requirements and constraints

• Identifying opportunities for new revenue streams

Step Three: Project Implementation

We are project management specialists. We manage the entire procurement and install process from here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to renewable energy.

Step Four: Renewable Solution Operation

Acacia Energy’s bespoke, cloud-based Optimisation and Bid Engine (OBE) platform then autonomously operates the renewable energy solution, delivering security of supply and the lowest net cost of electricity for your operations.

Using our market accreditations and registrations, we provide access to new revenue streams that:

• Reduce pay-back periods

• Decrease cost of electricity

• Increase operational efficiency

Let’s understand your sustainable project

Acacia Energy believes in a detailed consultative approach with our clients. We pride ourselves on providing the very best tailored solution that resolves your most important renewable energy needs, and it all starts with a conversation.