Sustainable Commercial Power

Acacia Energy works with commercial clients to find renewable energy solutions to solve their energy use problems.

For commercial customers who want to:

• Reduce electricity consumption costs,

• Maintain critical operations through power outages,

• Reduce network demand charges, or

• Reduce the carbon intensity of their operations.

Acacia Energy designs, implements, operates and maintains behind the meter renewable energy solutions that enable continuous operations and deliver the lowest cost of electricity 24x7x365.

Acacia Energy renewable energy solutions

Comprising a bespoke mix of solar generation, biodiesel enabled generation, batteries, interruptible load management and our proprietary, cloud-based OBE platform – deliver renewable electricity to your operations whilst achieving 60+% electricity cost reductions.

In addition to delivering savings through displacing grid sourced energy, increasing production efficiency and mitigating DNSP demand charges, Acacia Energy enables further cost reductions by enabling access to value/revenue streams.

Let’s understand your sustainable project

Acacia Energy believes in a detailed consultative approach with our clients. We pride ourselves on providing the very best tailored solution that resolves your most important renewable energy needs, and it all starts with a conversation.