Retail Services

Acacia Energy Retail Services

Using our proprietary, cloud-based Optimisation and Bid Engine (OBE) platform, we manage the supply of electricity to your operations, from the grid and your behind the meter renewable energy solution, to achieve the lowest cost of electricity supply every five minutes.

You earn real income when you export energy to the grid. We pay you the wholesale spot market value of the exported electricity and our OBE platform ensures that we maximise the amount that is exported.

We enable access to new revenue from the Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) market. Our Demand Response Service Provider registration and OBE platform allows us to aggregate the capacity of your renewable energy solution with other customers’ renewable energy solutions to provide this contingency service to AEMO. We distribute back to you a proportional share of the revenue that our combined capability and capacity earns.

We autonomously operate your renewable energy solution to cap network peak demand charges. When designing your renewable energy solution, we scale the behind the meter generation to achieve an optimal reduction in network demand charges.

Your renewable energy solution will be configured to ensure continuity of supply appropriate for your operations. We design, implement and autonomously operate a combination of behind the meter electricity storage and generation that is suited to your operational needs.

Let’s understand your sustainable project

Acacia Energy believes in a detailed consultative approach with our clients. We pride ourselves on providing the very best tailored solution that resolves your most important renewable energy needs, and it all starts with a conversation.