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Helping to shape the future of energy for generations to come

Retail Services

Where your current retail contract is coming to an end.

Implementation Services

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Prime Contractor for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of behind the meter electricity infrastructure including:

  • Solar panels and inverters

  • Generator and generator controller

  • Batteries

  • PLC site controller

  • Electrical switchboard and metering

  • Associated civil works


Using Acacia Energy’s Generation Services means you will have a single point of contracting responsibility for the deployment and commissioning of the equipment that will support the target cost savings.

Operation Services

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Acting as the electricity retailer, Acacia Energy reduces the cost of electricity for operations through wholesale market linked tariffs and automating the use of the Behind-The-Meter generator to supply electricity when this is the cheapest source.  Acacia Energy also creates new revenue streams that further off-set electricity costs.

Using Acacia Energy’s Retail Services means electricity exported to the grid is valued at the wholesale market price rather than at the low Feed-In-Tariff rate.

Remote monitoring and optimisation of site electrical load and supply using Acacia Energy’s ‘Optimisation & Bid Engine’ software.


Using Acacia Energy’s Retail Service enables optimisation across grid energy, solar energy, on-site generation and storage that takes into account wholesale market price, FCAS services revenue and demand response revenue.  The OBE software is proprietary to Acacia Energy.